Skiddaw 7-7-19

Skiddaw 7-7-19 First of all, I want to say this trip was meticulously planned, but like many of my trips it wasn't. Its something that Ive wanted to do for a long time, and finally got around to it. So in a nutshell, a trip up a mountain, at night to watch the sunrise. Simple. I had considered quite a few summits for this, Snowdon was high on the list, the Llanberis path was pretty much ideal for what I wanted, a nice wide, well marked out path all the way to the top, but its now very common for nighttime climbs, and I wanted to do something a little different. Coniston's old man was another consideration, but Ive climbed that numerous times now, and I wanted a new tick in the box. So, Skiddaw fitted the bill, Ive wanted to climb Skiddaw for a few years now, and it was ideal for an ascent in the dark. Easy access, easy to follow path, and virgin territory for me. Also I would have pretty good views of the sunrise given its location in the Northern Fells.  So on a random

Dow Crag, Swirl How, Great Carrs and Grey Friar 05-08-18

Dow Crag, Swirl How, Great Carrs and Grey Friar  05-08-18 My alarm went off at half 4 this morning, and I finally got out of bed at 5. Shower and dressed, car packed up and set off for the 2 hour drive to Walna Scar car park. The motorway was very quiet, and I made good time, parking up at 8am. There were a couple of other cars about, and a camper van that had obviously spent the night there, but it was very quiet while I poured myself a brew and changed my shoes.  Today I had a plan, I was going to attempt my longest walk, taking in 7 Wainwrights summits along the way. Dow Crag, Brim Fell, the Old Man of Coniston, Swirl How, Great Carrs, Grey Friar and Wetherlam. Now this was the plan, but I was in no way confident that I would complete it, in fact I had "walk off" routes already planned incase I began to struggle at any point.  I set off on my overconfident day of walking, up Walna Scar Road towards Torver Bridge, leaving the carpark behind and starting up th

The Roaches and Lud's Church. 06-05-2018

The Roaches and Lud's Church 06-05-2018 A day of perfect weather, actually 2 days so far. An unusual occurrence, especially considering its Bank Holiday weekend. Something else that doesn't happen very often, Im wearing shorts in public. I rarely wear shorts these days due to them being brilliant white, and almost see-through. Anyway, we are on the M6 Southbound today, Ive already picked my Mum and Steve up and the car's packed and we are making very good time, the motorway is relatively quiet, especially for a Bank Holiday. We reach Junction 18 and turn off and head in the direction of Congleton, passing Jodrell Bank Space Telescope, today its pointing directly up, and looks like a huge cereal bowl. I love driving through Cheshire and into Staffordshire, I think its how all the fields look like a patchwork quilt, an its always green. Its a very pretty part of the country. Soon though we leave the main roads behind, and start climbing on the narrow, Postman Pat roads